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Check the Oracle Database size CDB and PDB

Following Queries for NON-CDB database:Check the database physical consumed size select sum(bytes)/1024/1024/1024 size_in_gb from dba_data_files; Total space used by the data in the database. select sum(bytes)/1024/1024/1024 size_in_gb from dba_segments; Check… Read more »

Oracle Database Daily Scripts

Database_STATUS set line 190 Select db_unique_name,open_mode,database_role,(select host_name from v$instance) HOST_NAME from v$database; Check the Oracle Instance Startup Time SET LINES 200 SET PAGES 999 COLUMN INSTANCE_NAME FOR A20 SELECT INSTANCE_NAME,TO_CHAR(STARTUP_TIME,… Read more »

Database Contents

Introduction to Databases: What is a database? What are the different types of databases? Why are databases important in today’s world? Relational Databases: What are relational databases? How do they… Read more »