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Oracle Golden Gate Overview & Components

Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate Oracle Goldengate enables the exchange and manipulation of data at the transaction level among multiple, heterogeneous platforms. Oracle GoldenGate Architecture allows to replicate selected data, transactional… Read more »

Tablespace usage monitoring script

set feedback off set pagesize 70; set linesize 2000 set head on COLUMN Tablespace format a25 heading ‘Tablespace Name’ COLUMN autoextensible format a11 heading ‘AutoExtend’ COLUMN files_in_tablespace format 999 heading… Read more »

What is datapump in oracle

What is  datapump in oracle Data Pump: Data pump is a utility provided by Oracle to export data and/or structure from a database into a binary file called as dump… Read more »

RMAN incremental backup

RMAN incremental backup RMAN Command rman> report need backup; The report need backup command tells you that you must back up which all database files to comply with your retention… Read more »

How to change RMAN backup location

How to Change RMAN backup location If you want to change your database RMAN Backup configuration please follow below steps: NOTE: Database must be in archivelog mode. If database not in archive log… Read more »

Database RMAN backup report

OEM Management view: Whenever OEM Grid control is being practiced to monitor a majority of your databases and whenever RMAN is being used to take backup of the databases ‘either… Read more »