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Tablespace usage monitoring script

set feedback off set pagesize 70; set linesize 2000 set head on COLUMN Tablespace format a25 heading ‘Tablespace Name’ COLUMN autoextensible format a11 heading ‘AutoExtend’ COLUMN files_in_tablespace format 999 heading… Read more »

What is datapump in oracle

What is  datapump in oracle Data Pump: Data pump is a utility provided by Oracle to export data and/or structure from a database into a binary file called as dump… Read more »

RMAN incremental backup

RMAN incremental backup RMAN Command rman> report need backup; The report need backup command tells you that you must back up which all database files to comply with your retention… Read more »

How to change RMAN backup location

How to Change RMAN backup location If you want to change your database RMAN Backup configuration please follow below steps: NOTE: Database must be in archivelog mode. If database not in archive log… Read more »

Database RMAN backup report

OEM Management view: Whenever OEM Grid control is being practiced to monitor a majority of your databases and whenever RMAN is being used to take backup of the databases ‘either… Read more »